Panic Bar Installation

Security is an important feature of houses and commercial establishments.

Without it, people won’t enjoy peace of mind in their own homes and workplace.

Thus, you must ensure everyone’s safety by installing high-quality locks and security devices.

Vancouver Locks & Lockouts only supplies reliable locking hardware like panic bars, deadbolts, and mortise locks.

For high-security lock installation in Vancouver, contact Vancouver Locks & Lockouts.

Our team also specializes in urgent lockouts so be sure to save our local number for emergencies.

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Benefits of Installing a Panic Bar

A security panic bar has been proven to be effective and practical in emergency situations.

Traditional door locks are not helpful for emergency evacuations due to their mode of operation.

Because of this, panic bars have become standard in buildings and establishments.

Panic bars are spring-loaded bars that are easy to operate during egresses.

You simply have to push the metal bar to unlatch and open the door.

This access is especially advantageous when everyone is in a panic.

Apart from easy operation, exit bars are also secure and reliable.

They provide a high level of security for commercial establishments.

You can even pair your panic bar with an alarm system and a durable door and frame.

Do You Need Panic Bar Installation?

Since panic bars are beneficial during emergencies, there are instances when this security hardware is required by law.

Often, this rule applies to commercial establishments and institutions like high-rise buildings, schools, and factories.

But you must consider installing a panic bar even if the law does not require you.

Panic bars are a valuable security device for your property.

They keep the door closed and secured on the outside, but provide everyone else in the room with quick egress.

Security exit bars are also expedient during earthquakes, fires, and other emergencies.

The mechanism of the panic bar locks will allow anyone in the building to easily exit and evacuate.

Thus, panic bars will guarantee your safety by providing quick access to the exit points in the establishment.

Professional Panic Bar Installation in Vancouver

For a high-security and reliable exit bar, you must hire professional installers with years of experience.

If you live in and around the Vancouver area, you can rely on Vancouver Locks & Lockouts.

We can install a wide range of high-security devices such as deadbolts, mortise locks, and panic bars.

Our locksmiths guarantee top-notch security since we only distribute durable and high-quality locking hardware.

Our panic bars are made of strong and hardy metal that doesn’t easily break.

Moreover, the exit bars are highly reliable because they are meant for emergencies.

This combined with our expertise in locksmith services, we promise you a highly secured establishment with safe emergency exits.

Panic Bar Repair and Replacement

Panic bar installation is not the only service we are good at.

Our professional locksmiths also perform efficient panic bar repair and replacement services.

If you want to guarantee the security and safety of your occupants, you must maintain your security hardware from time to time.

You should assess the quality and durability of your panic bar locks, door locks, and other security devices in your building.

In this way, you can rest assured that you are in a safe and secure space.

Vancouver Locks & Lockouts will handle your panic bar repairs and replacement needs.

Our team is skilled in ensuring that your security exit bars are in proper order and condition.

In case it is damaged and beyond repair, we’ll gladly replace it with a new one.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Our locksmith company is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients.

We’ve been in the industry for many years, and nothing beats experience.

Whether you need a lock installation, repair, rekey, or emergency lockout, you can count on us.

Our company also has a lot to offer besides the usual locksmith services.

We are Vancouver Locks & Lockouts, your most reliable locksmith team in Vancouver.

Call us anytime, day or night.

We are available on weekdays and weekends for urgent lockout solutions.

Our team is always ready with the right tools and equipment to provide prompt and efficient locksmith services.

Book an appointment with our team today!

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Panic Bar Installation

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