How to Remove Key Stuck in Ignition

Nobody anticipates the moment when their key refuses to budge from the ignition. Despite our hopes, this frustrating scenario is common and understanding how to navigate it efficiently can turn a potential calamity into a minor hiccup.

Detailed Steps to Remove a Key Stuck in Ignition

Step 1: Ensure the Car is in Park

The first protocol in addressing a key lodged in the ignition is to verify the vehicle is in park.

  • Ensure the gear shift is solidly in the P or park position.
  • Check to observe any indicator lights confirming this position.
  • If the key remains immovable, advance to the next step.

Step 2: Steady and Gentle Wiggling

Often, a subtle approach might be the solution.

  • Gradually wiggle the key while it is in the ignition.
  • Simultaneously, carefully try turning the steering wheel.
  • If the key dislodges, great! Otherwise, persist to step 3.

Step 3: Lubrication to Ease the Removal

A bit of lubrication can sometimes free the stuck key.

  • Apply a quick-dry lubricant into the ignition slot.
  • Wiggle the key slightly and attempt to turn it.
  • Persistently stuck? Proceed to the subsequent step.

Step 4: Seek Professional Assistance

In a situation where all steps fail, turning to professional help is the optimal choice.

  • Refrain from exerting excessive force to avoid key breakage.
  • Call a professional locksmith to evade further damage.
  • Ensure safe parking of the vehicle until help arrives.

Addressing a Stuck Key in the Ignition

1Ensure the car is in parkCheck indicator lightsRush through steps
2Gently wiggle key & steeringTurn wheel gentlyApply excessive force
3Use a quick-dry lubricantApply and wait brieflyUse low-quality lubricants
4Seek professional helpCall a reliable locksmithTry to dismantle the ignition yourself

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What to do if the key won’t turn after removing?

In circumstances where the key refuses to turn post-removal, it’s advisable to avoid force. Check for obstructions, ensure the wheel isn’t locked, and if the issue persists, reach out to our professional locksmith service.

How much will a locksmith service cost for key extraction?

You might be contemplating, “how much does a locksmith cost in Vancouver?” Prices may vary based on time, complexity, and required tools for the extraction. Connect with us for an accurate estimate.

Is it possible to extract the key without a locksmith?

While DIY methods such as using wire or lubricants can sometimes be effective, chances of exacerbating the problem remain. Thus, professional extraction is often recommended.

How to prevent future key sticking issues?

Engage in regular maintenance of your car keys and ignition. Ensuring the key is free from damage and using graphite-based lubricants periodically can prevent sticking.


Navigating through the stress of a key stubbornly stuck in the ignition demands knowledge, patience, and sometimes, the expert hands of a professional. Utilizing simple yet effective methods could save the day; however, when in doubt, reaching out to a specialist is prudent. Encounter a bothersome stuck key, or perhaps another lock-related dilemma in the vast realm of Vancouver? Remember, Vancouver’s Locksmiths is just a call away, prepared to untangle your lock and key predicaments with adept solutions, around the clock.

Contact us for all-encompassing, expert, and swift locksmith solutions, ensuring you’re never stuck for too long, whether it’s your key, car, or home.

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