How Does A Master Key Work?

Ever wished that there was just one key that would deal with all your locks?

Of course, fiddling with locks and keys can be quite a hassle.

You can misplace your keys, have them get stuck, or forget which keys went where.

To solve these issues, quite a lot of people depend on a master key to increase functionality and prevent you from getting locked up.

What Is A Master Key?

A master key is one that can be used to open all of your locks.

The way a master key is constructed is slightly complex.

It involves a myriad of configurations involving master wafers.

When the master wafers inside the lock line up or are aligned in the correct way, then the key opens the lock; otherwise, it does not.

Having a master key can help you make lock handling a lot easier and minimize your runs to a home locksmith.

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Before we delve into the mechanics of a master key operation and tell you how does a master key work, it is important to know you need one.

Why Do I Need A Master Key?

You may need a master key for your home and your office.

Home and car locksmiths craft these keys for homeowners and hospitality services to help save time having to deal with multiple keys.

Having a master key makes handling locks a lot easier.

It is convenient since you don’t have to carry a lot of keys around, each for different locks.

You do not have to worry about misplacing your keys or carrying their weight around.

Neither do you have to fiddle with locks anymore.

Having a master key also kind of makes it easier to control who has access to what.

You can easily know what master key your employees use.

This increases your ability to exercise control without worrying about private spaces being accessed by those unauthorized to do so.

What Is A Master Key Made Of?

Some of the major components of a master key will include pins, shear lines, and notches.

The master key has two sets of pins.

The first pin is located above the center of the lock, and the second pin is located toward the bottom of the lock.

Both the pins move up and down in unison.

When you insert the master key, the keys move up together.

As soon as you turn the lock, the second set of pins below the center rotates in a clockwise direction to open the lock.

This is made possible by the presence of the sheer line running through the center of the lock.

It provides a supporting hinge for the lock to rotate through.

Then we have the notches alongside the ends of the pin that make it possible for the jagged ends of the key to match with those of the lock.

To have a further look into the mechanics of your master key components, watch this video.

As mentioned earlier, the master key has another very vital component called the master wafer, which is a single piece of metal found in between some of the pins.

They form the linking point between the upper set of pins and the lower ones.

There can be a number of master wafers in your lock.

The master wafers create two shear lines between the sets of pins, thus allowing the lock to open up when the key rotates, and the wafers are in alignment.

Types Of Keys In The Master System

The master key is just one part of the entire master system.

That comprises many keys like the change key, master key, and grand master key.

The reason is to increase access.

The change key is one that is used to open just one lock.

It cannot be used for other kinds of locks.

However, the change key can open the lock only in one way across the shear line.

On the other hand, the master key can open both ways.

The master key, however, can be used to open all kinds of locks connected to the master system.

The grand master key, as you may have already guessed, is used to access different master key systems.

Master Keys & Other Emergency Locksmith Services

Now that you have learned how does a master key work, you may want to get your own master key system.

To help you get started, Vancouver Locks & Lockouts bring you the best, most efficient, and cost-effective master key system that will make your lives easier.

Learn how to unlock a door with a key and much more by reaching out to us.

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